Connect Device to TV

There are three methods you may use to connect your iPhone or iPad to your TV.

1. Using AirPlay/Apple TV
If you have one of the newer Apple TV sets (Little blackbox) and can AirPlay, you can connect the AppleTV to your TV and connect your device through AIrplay.
Make sure that your iPhone/iPad is connected to your home internet network, the same network you are using for your AppleTV.
You can set up through the control center on the device what you would like to appear on the TV. (only available with newer iPhone devices - iPhone 4s and later)

2. Using an HDMI Cable
Plug the adapter straight into your device using the 30-pin connector or the lightning connector (depending on the device model - newer iPhones/iPads will use the lightning connector).
Connect the HDMI cable into your TV in the HDMI port (typically found on the side or rear of your television set; found on all true HD Televisions)
Turn your television on and select the input. 

*note: the previous model iPhone's will not mirror the device directly to your TV. If you do not see the live streaming appear when selected please contact us.

3. Using an Analog Connection
If your television is not an HD TV, you may connect your device using the analog connection. You will need the 30-pin connector or Lightning connector to the Component or Composite AV Cable or VGA. Please check your television set to see which would suit you best.
Connect the cables to your phone and TV, select the input and enjoy!

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